Fall 2007

Dr. Clara Inés Nicholls
Perspectives for Sustainable Rural Development in Latin America

The rural population of Latin America faces many ecological, socioeconomic and policy challenges and opportunities in today’s globalized economy. After examining the impacts of conventional, agro-export development models (green revolution, nontraditional export crops, biotechn  ology, etc), this course will analyze the elements of a sustainable agroecological development path that emphasizes local production for food security, poverty reduction, cultural identity and natural resource and biodiversity conservation. Technical, institutional, policy and market requirements for a sustainable agriculture will also be analyzed in detail.

Clara Inés Nicholls has worked extensively in Latin America promoting agroecologically-based approaches to agricultural sustainability. She is an entomologist and rural development specialist with a Ph.D. from UC Davis.

Latin American Studies 150
CCN: 49127
Thursdays, 4:00-7:00 pm
170 Barrows

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