Center-Sponsored Course, Spring 2005

Professor Beatriz Manz and Horacio Salinas
La Nueva Canción and Popular Movements in Latin America

Prerequisite: Spanish

This course will deal with the unique sounds and rhythms of Chilean, and more generally, Latin America music. It will explore the influence of pre-Hispanic sounds as well as the Spanish, Portuguese and African roots of the music. In addition, the link between Nueva Cancion and popular movements in the region and the world will be examined.

Beatriz Manz is Professor of Geography and Ethnic Studies at UC Berkeley. She is the author of Paradise to Ashes: A Guatemalan Journey of Courage, Terror and Hope, a social and political history of a village in the Guatemalan rainforest.

Horacio Salinas is a famous Chilean musician and composer. He studied at the National Conservatory of Santiago and by the age of 16 was the musical director of the world renowned music group, Inti-illimani. Exiled to Italy for 16 years (1973–88), Salinas incorporated some elements from the European musical tradition into his work. At the same time his music remains a testimony to the people of Latin America.

Please note that this course will be taught in Spanish. However, final projects may be submitted in Spanish or English.

April 6 – 27, Wednesdays, 10:00 am – 1:00 pm
CLAS Conference Room, 2334 Bowditch Street
LAS 298/198; 1 unit, pass/no-pass grading option

This course is open to graduate students and advanced undergraduates. To obtain a class entry code, please submit a brief narrative describing your interest and experience in the subject matter as well as your class or degree standing. Please email this statement to Dr. Teresa Stojkov, Vice Chair of CLAS at by March 2, 2005.



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