Spring 2012 Course

Alma Guillermoprieto
“Reflections on Latin America:
El Salvador, Mexico and Colombia”

In this intensive, four-week seminar, Alma Guillermoprieto will discuss the troubled history of three Latin American countries and help participants explore the difficulties involved in reporting as an outside observer. Readings will include selections from the author’s own work and that of other reporters from the region. Some readings will be in Spanish.

Alma Guillermoprieto has written about Latin America for a variety of publications over the past 30 years, most frequently The New York Review of Books and The New Yorker. She is the author of four books and has received numerous awards, including the Latin American Studies Association media award and a MacArthur Fellowship. In June 2008, a poll conducted by Foreign Policy magazine selected her as one of the 100 most influential public intellectuals in the world.

The course is available to graduate students and advanced undergraduates. To apply, please email a one-page document with your name, year, department/degree program and one paragraph detailing your interest and qualifications to brittanygabel (at) berkeley.edu. Applications must be submitted by 8:00 am, Friday, December 16.

Tuesdays, February 7 – 28; 6:00 – 8:30 pm
North Gate Library
Journalism J219; 1 unit, pass/no-pass grading option
Drop-ins will not be permitted

Alma Guillermoprieto on being a freelance journalist: "I think I really needed to have the freedom to write the things that I think are most important and most of the time that isn’t news. I like to take my time and chew things over and look at what happens after the news. That was very hard to do as a staffer at a news magazine.”

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