Fall 2002 Courses
with Latin American Content
Course Number   Course Title                      Instructor  Units

African American Studies

27AC        Lives of Struggle: Minorities in a Majority Culture      Hintzen, P  3
112A Political and Economic Development in the Third World Hintzen, P  4
135  Caribbean Cultural History Laguerre, M 3
256B  Diaspora, Citizenship, and Transnationality Laguerre, M 4
263 Comparative Diaspora Discourses Clark, V 4
3 Introduction to Social and Cultural Anthropology Brandes, S 4
128-2 The Inca Steadman, L 4
132  Analysis of Archaeological Materials Joyce, R 4
157 Anthropology of Law Nader, L 4
C160 Forms of Folklore Dundes, A 4
188 Ethnography of the Maya Hanks, W 4
221 Mesoamerican Practical Knowledge Joyce, R 4
Agricultural and Resource Economics
251 Agriculture in Economic Development Sadoulet, E 3
C253 International Economic Development Policy de Janvry, A 3
100A Fundamentals of Architectural Design Davids, R 5
170A An Historical Survey of Architecture and Urbanism Tobriner, S 4
175A Pre-Columbian Architecture Protzen, J 3
209C Current Issues in Architecture Davids, R 1-4
Business Administration
178 Introduction to International Business Gerlach, M L 3
225 Workship in International Analysis Spiller, P 2
279 Research Seminar in Business and Public Policy Spiller, P 2-4
Chicano Studies
6A Chicano Spanish De Lourdes Parra 4
20 Introduction to Chicano Culture Aretaga, A 4
50 Introduction to Chicano History Saragoza, A 4
101 Paradigms in Chicano Studies Grosfoguel, R 4
101A Social Science Methods in Ethnic Studies Grosfoguel, R 4
130 Mexican and Chicano Art History Rodriguez, C 3
141 Chicana Feminist Writers and Discourse Perez, L 4
150A History of the Southwest: Spanish and Mexican Period Saragoza, A M 4
159 Mexican Immigration   4
C161 Central American Peoples and Cultures Manz, B 4
172 Chicanos and the Educational System   4
180.1 Topics in Chicano Studies Rodriguez, C H 3
180.3 Border Texts/
Border Lives
Alarcon, N 3
197 Fieldwork in Chicano Studies   1-3
City and Regional Planning
229 Research Seminar in Regional Development Castells, M 3
231 Housing in Developing Countries Al Sayyad, R 3
275 Comparative Analysis of Urban Policies Castells, M 3
Comparative Literature
190 Joyce in Buenos Aires Masiello, F 4
Development Studies
10 Introduction to Development Watts, M J 4
C171 Economic Development de Janvry, A 4
270A Analysis of Economic Development and Planning Sadoulet, E 4
271 Seminar in Economic Development and Planning Bardhan, P K 3
280B International Economics Obstfeld, M 3
290B Education in Language, Literacy, and Culture Gaquedano-Lopez, P 1-4
Energy and Resources Group
200 Interdisciplinary Energy Analysis Norgaard, R 4
Environmental Economics and Policy
118 Introductory Applied Econometrics Sadoulet, E 4
Environmental Science, Policy & Management
6 Environmental Biology Chapela, I 3
90 Introduction to Conservationa and Resource Studies Management Frankie, G 1
100 Environmental Problem Solving Frankie, G 4
131 Soil Microbiology Chapela, I 2
C151 Economic Development de Janvry, A 4
201C Environmental Forum Chapela, I 1
Ethnic Studies Graduate Group
202 Cultural Texts: Contemporary Theories and Methods Saldivar, J 4
250A Folklore Theory and Techniques Dunes, A 4
20 Globalization Pred, A R 4
C32 Introduction to Development Watts, M J 4
148 Biogeography Byrne, A 4
C157 Central American Peoples and Cultures Manz, B 4
197 Field Study in Geography Johns, M 1-4
200A The Geographical Point of View Johns, M 4
295 Geography Colloquium Johns, M 1
8A Latin America Taylor, W 4
140B Modern Mexico Chowning, M 4
141B The Rise of Export Economies-Social Impact Lewin, L 4
275E Latin America Taylor, W 4
Interdepartmental Studies
270 Workshop in Institutional Analysis Spiller, P 2
International and Area Studies
20 Perspectives in International Education Weisinger, K D 2
45 Survey of World History Karras, A 4
102 Scope & Methods of Research in International and Area Studies Karras, A 4
Interdisciplinary Studies
130 Seminar on Social, Political, and Ethical Issues in Health & Medicine Duhl, L 2
C160 Forms of Folklore Dundes, A 4
24.5 Freshman Seminar: Ethics in Journalism Chavez, L 1
200 Reporting the News Chavez, L 5
298 Politics and Petroleum Tolan, S 3
Latin American Studies
10 Introduction to Latin American Studies Segal, L 4
197 Field Studies   1-4
198 Directed Group Studies   1-4
199 Supervised Independent Study and Research for Undergraduates   1-4
200 Latin American Studies Seminar Chowning, M 1
Nutritional Sciences
197 Field Studies in Food and Nutritional Sciences Viteri, F 1-3
Peace and Conflict Studies
10 Intro to Peace and Conflict Studies Sanders, J 4
Political Economy of Industrial Societies
100 Classical Theories of Political Economy Karras, A L 4
101 Contemporary Theories of Political Economy Pearson, H D 4
226A International Political Economy Aggarwal, V 4
248A Latin American Politics Collier, R 4
Political Science
120A International Relations Weber, S 4
123 Ethics and Justice in International Affairs Gurowitz, A 4
137C Transitions to Democracy Fish, M S 4
138E Varieties of Capitalism-The Political Economic Systems of the World Vogel, S 4
210.4 Political Participation and Political Transition Brady, H 4
248A Latin American Politics Collier, R 4
Spanish and Portuguese
1G Beginning Spanish for Graduate Students Staff 5
1 Elementary Spanish Staff 5
2 Elementary Spanish Staff 5
3 Intermediate Spanish Staff 5
4 Intermediate Spanish Staff 5
8 Spoken Spanish Staff 3
21 Spanish for Bilingual Students, First Course Staff 3
22 Spanish for Bilingual Students, Second Course Staff 3
24 Frosh Seminar: Talking Funny in Print-The Ways of Literary Dialect Azevedo, M 1
25 Reading and Analysis of Literary Texts Staff 3
98.1 Directed Group Study: "Beginning Oral Practice" Staff 1
98.2 Directed Group Study: "Intermediate Oral Practice" Staff 1
98.3 Directed Group Study: "Advanced Oral Practice" Staff 1
98.4 Directed Group Study: "Near-Fluent Oral Practice" Staff 1
100 Introduction to Spanish Linguistics Azevedo, M M 3
102A Advanced Grammar and Composition Dimitriou, A L 3
102B Advanced Grammar and Composition Barili, A R 3
104A Survey of Spanish American Literature Staff 3
113 Latin American Culture-Pre-Colombian Times to End of 19th C Barili, A R 3
114 The Contemporary Spanish American Novel Tarica, E C 3
116 Colonial/Post-Colonial Studies Rabasa, J M 3
135.1 Border Text/Border Lives Alarcon, N 3
135.2 Women, War and Revolution Bergmann, E L 3
135.3 Sujetos Transculturales Ramos, J 3
135.4 Studies in Hispanic Literature Tarica, E C 3
135.6 Cuban Film and Literature Ramos, J 3
135.7 Studies in Hispanic Literature Kohndicapua, E 3
165AC Coexistence and Conflict: Amerindian, English and Spanish in the Southwest Craddock, J R 3
179 Overview of Spanish Sociolinguistics Azevedo, M M 3
232 Colonial Spanish American Literature Rabasa, J 3
236A Latin American Prose Staff 3
242 Literary Theory and Criticism Navarrete, I 3
275.1 Memories of Modernity Rodrigues-Velasco 3
275.2 Jungle Novels/Rain Forest Romances Slater, C 3
280.1 Seminar: Dictatorship and Memory Masiello, F 3
280.2 Seminar: Jungle Novels, Rain Forest Romances Slater, C 3
301 Teaching Spanish in College Kerr, H J 3
302 Practicum in College Teaching of Spanish and Portuguese Kerr, H J 3-6
11 Elementary Portuguese Staff 5
101A Portuguese for Advanced Students Staff 3
101B Portuguese for Advanced Students: Workshop Staff 2
102 Readings in Portuguese Donovan, C 3
103 Advanced Grammar and Composition Donovan, C 3
128 Twentieth-Century Brazilian Fiction Dal Farra 3
135.1 Escritoras Portuguesas e Brasiliera Dal Farra 2-3
135.2 Introduction to Brazilian Cinema Passos 2-3
Public Health
210C Problems and Programs in Maternal & Child Health: Needs Assessment Gendelman, S 2
212C Health and Social Policy in Mexico and Latin America Guendelman, S 2-3
Public Policy
C253 International Economic Development Policy de Janvry, A 3
290.3 Foreign Policy Analysis Nacht, M 4
290.19 Immigration Policy Raphael, S 2
290.20 Labor Markets & Public Policy Raphael, S 2
Religious Studies
190.2 Colonial/Postcolonial Studies Rabasa, J 4
Social Welfare
205 Psychosocial Problems and Psychopathology Herrera, R 2
210A Stress and Coping with Adulthood Organist, K 2
250 Substance Abuse Treatment Manoleas, P 2
124 Sociology of Poverty Sanchez-Jankowski, M 4
140 Political Sociology Enriquez, L 4
280H Development and Modernization Enriquez, L 3
Women's Studies
141 Women and World Development Staff 4


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