Fall 2003 Courses
by Affiliated Faculty
Course Number   Course Title                      Instructor  Units

African American Studies

27AC        Lives of Struggle: Minorities in a Majority Culture      Hintzen, P  3
112A Political and Economic Development in the Third World Hintzen, P  4
135  Caribbean Cultural History Laguerre, M 3
3 Introduction to Social and Cultural Anthropology Brandes, S 4
24 Freshman Seminar Joyce, R 1
122D World of Ancient Maya Lopiparo, J. L. 4
157 Anthropology of Law Nader, L 4
229A Archaeological Research Strategies Joyce, R 4
250F Religion and Society in Spain and Latin America Brandes. S  
290 Survey of Anthropological Research Liu, X 1
Chicano Studies
50 Introduction to Chicano History Saragoza, A M 4
70 Latino Politics Montejano, D 4
141 Chicana Feminist Writers and Discourse Perez, L E 4
142 Major Chicano Writers Arteaga, A 4
143 Chicano and Latin American Literature Staff 3
150A History of the Southwest: Spanish and Mexican Period Saragoza, A M 4
180 Topics in Chicano Studies Grosfoguel, R 3
City and Regional Planning
115 Urbanization in Developing Countries Roy, A 4
C171 Economic Development de Janvry, A 4
40AC Experiencing Education: Race and Ethnicity Inside Seyer-Ochi, I 4
140AC Literacy: Individual and Societal Development Hull, G 3
186AC The Southern Border Shaiken, H 4
290D Labor in the Global Economy Shaiken, H 4
Environmental Science, Policy & Management
118 Agricultural Ecology Altieri, M A 3
Ethnic Studies
101A Social Science Methods in Ethnic Studies Grosfoguel, R 4
159AC The Southern Border Manz, B 4
250A Folklore Theory and Techniques Dundes, A 4
159AC The Southern Border Manz, B 4
252 Labor in the Global Economy Shaiken, H 4
259 Topics in Social Geography Manz, B 4
8A Latin America Taylor, W B 4
275R Latin America Chowning, M 4
280E Latin America Lewin, L 4
International and Area Studies
45 Survey of World History Karras, A L 4
102 Scope & Methods of Research in International and Area Studies Karras, A L 4
102 Scope & Methods of Research in International and Area Studies Segal, L 4
301 Professional Training: Teaching in IAS Karras, A L 2
39F Freshman/Sophomore Seminar Chavez, L 2
200 Reporting the News Chavez, L 5
Latin American Studies
10 Introduction to Latin American Studies Segal, L 4
150/250 Advanced Studies in Latin American Studies Nicholls, C N 1-4
200 Latin American Studies Seminar Chowning, M 1
240 Special Topics in Latin American Studies Aguayo, S 2
Boalt Hall School of Law
261.1 International Business Transactions Buxbaum, Richard m 3
261.13 International Law Writing Seminar Buxbaum, Richard M 2
283H International Human Rights Law Clinic Seminar Fletcher, Lauren and Kate Jastram 2
295.5H International Human Rights Law Clinic Fletcher, Lauren and Kate Jastram 4-6
135 Musics of the Caribbean Guilbault, J M 4
Peace and Conflict Studies
10 Introduction to Peace and Conflict Studies Sanders, J W 4
149 Global Change and World Order Sanders, J W 3
Political Science
139B Development Politics Chaudhry, K A 4
148A Latin American Politics Collier, R B 4
11 Elementary Portuguese Staff 5
101A Portuguese for Advanced Students Donovan, C F and Staff 5
101B Portuguese for Advanced Students: Workshop Donovan, C F and Staff 2
102 Readings in Portuguese Donovan, C 3
103 Advanced Grammar and Composition Donovan, C 3
114 Contemporary Brazilian Novel Passos, J L 3
135 Studies in Luso-Brazilian Literature Staff 2-3
275 Critical and Stylistic Studies of a Single Author or Period - Portuguese Passos 2-3
140 Political Sociology Enriquez, L J 4
1 Elementary Spanish Staff 5
2 Elementary Spanish Staff 5
3 Intermediate Spanish Staff 5
4 Intermediate Spanish Staff 5
8 Spoken Spanish Staff 3
21 Spanish for Bilingual Students, First Course Staff 3
22 Spanish for Bilingual Students, Second Course Staff 3
25 Reading and Analysis of Literary Texts Staff 3
98.1 Directed Group Study: "Beginning Oral Practice" Staff 1
98.2 Directed Group Study: "Intermediate Oral Practice" Staff 1
98.3 Directed Group Study: "Advanced Oral Practice" Staff 1
98.4 Directed Group Study: "Near-Fluent Oral Practice" Staff 1
100 Introduction to Spanish Linguistics Staff 3
102A Advanced Grammar and Composition Staff 3
102B Advanced Grammar and Composition Staff 3
102C Creative Writing in Spanish Barili, A R 3
104A Survey of Spanish American Literature Ramos, J 3
107A Survey of Spanish Literature Rodriguez-Velasco 3
113 Topics in Latin American Culture Brizuela, N 3
131 The Spanish American Short Story Barili, A R 3
Spanish 135: Studies in Hispanic Literature
135.1 The Nobel Poets (Mistral, Jimenez, Neruda, Aleixandre) Iarocci, M 3
135.2 The Seductions of Modernity: Borges and Argentine Literature Brizuela, N 3
135.3 La question de la identidad en Reyes y Borges Barili, A R 3
135.4 Nature and Native Amazonia Kohn, E O 3
135.5 Ghosts and Other Floating Signifiers: Specters in Modern Latin American Literature Lifshey, A 3
161 Spanish Phonetics and Phonology Staff 3
200 Proseminar Dougherty, D 1
202 History of the Spanish Language Craddock, J R 3
280.1 Seminar: "Spiritual Violence and Resistance in Colonial Mexico" Rabasa, J M 3
280.2 Seminar: "Desencuentros de la modernidad: Is Latin America Postcolonial Yet?" Alarcon, N 3
280.3 Seminar: "The Invention of Cuba" Ramos, J 3
280.4 Seminar in Spanish American Literature Passos, J L 3
301 Teaching Spanish in College Staff 3
302 Practicum in College Teaching of Spanish and Portuguese Staff 3


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