Spring 2003 Courses
with Latin American Content
Course Number   Course Title                      Instructor  Units

African American Studies

112B      Political and Economic Development in the Third World Hintzen, P  4
131 Caribbean Societies and Cultures Laguerre, M 3
142B Cross-Cultural Images of American Minorities in Film Barrera, M 4
162 Caribbean Literature by Women Authors: Marasa Clark, V 4
241 Information Technology and Ethnic Communities Laguerre, M 1-4
230-2 The Archaeology of Colonialism Lightfoot, K 4
Chicano Studies
6B Chicano Spanish De Lourdes Parra 4
24 Freshman Seminar Muñoz, C 1
40 Introduction to Chicano Literature in English Perez, L 4
70 Latino Politics Staff 4
97 Field Study in Chicano Politics Staff 1-3
135 Chicano/Latino Film Telles, R 4
143 Major Chicano Writers Arteaga, A 4
150b History of the Southwest: Mexican-United States War to Present Saragoza, A M 4
172 Chicanos and the Educational System Staff 4
174 Chicanos, Law, and Criminal Justice Staff 4
180 Contemporary U.S. Latina/o Literature Perez, L 4
180.1 Topics in Chicano Studies Rodriguez, C H 3
180 Language, Culture and Education De Lourdes Parra 3
180 Topics in Chicano Studies Saragoza, A M 3
City and Regional Planning
231 Housing in Developing Countries Alsayyad, N 3
Comparative Literature
60AC Strangers in a Strange Land: American Immigrant Experiences Gold, L 4
Development Studies
C100 History of Development and Underdevelopment Hart, G 4
90C Learning from Text in Chicano Studies Staff 1-2
186AC The Southern Border Shaiken, H 4
292C The Transformation of Work Shaiken, H  

Environmental Economics and Policy

152 Advanced Topics in Development and International Trade Staff 3
Environmental Science, Policy & Management
165 International Rural Development Policy Carr, C 4
251 International Conservation and Development Policy Carr, C 3
Ethnic Studies
21AC A Comparative Survey of Racial and Ethnic Groups in the U.S. Robinson, V 4
130AC The Making of Multicultural America Staff 4
141 Racial Politics in America Allen, R 4
159AC The Southern Border Manz, B 4
C112 History of Development and Underdevelopment Hart, G 4
138 Political Ecology of the Third World Trist, C 4
159AC The Southern Border Manz, B 4
8B Latin America Chowning, M 4
143 Brazil Lewin, L 4

Latin America

Lewin, L 4
285 Latin America Chowning, M 4
234 International Reporting: Mexico Staff 4
255 History, Ethics, and Law Chavez, L 3
Latin American Studies
150 Politics and Petroleum Tolan, S 4
250.1 Selected Topics in Latin American Studies Tolan, A 4
250.2 Selected Topics in Latin American Studies Appelbaum, N 4
298 Directed Graduate Group Study Shaiken, H 1-4
283H International Human Rights Clinic Seminar Fletcher, L 2
295.5H International Human Rights Law Clinic Fletcher, L 2
Political Science
118AC Three American Cultures: Public Strangers: Post-WW II Immigration, the Politics of Incorporation, and the Public Sphere in California Brady, J 4
126A International Political Economy Aggarwal, V 4
140d Immigrants, Citizenship, and the State Gurowitz, A 4
148A Latin American Politics Collier, R 4
171 California Politics Cain, B 4
220A Theories of International Relations Haas, E 4
232B Models and Politics Robinson, J 4
239.1 Political Economy of Development Robinson, J & Parsons, N 4
School of Public Health
212C Health and Social Policy in Mexico and Latin America S Guendelman 2-3
Spanish and Portuguese
1 Elementary Spanish Kerr, H 5
2 Elementary Spanish Kerr, H 5
3 Intermediate Spanish Kerr, H 5
4 Intermediate Spanish Kerr, H 5
8 Spoken Spanish Kerr, H 3
21 Spanish for Bilingual Students, First Course Kerr, H 3
22 Spanish for Bilingual Students, Second Course Kerr, H 3
24.1 Writing, Gender and Subalternity in the Americas Rabasa, J 1
24.2 Talking Funny in Print - The Ways of Literary Dialect Azevedo, M 1
25.2-6 Reading and Analysis of Literary Texts Staff 3
98 Intermediate Oral Practice Kerr, H 1
98 Advanced Oral Practice Kerr, H 1
98 Near-Fluent Oral Practice Kerr, H 1
100 Introduction to Spanish Linguistics Azevedo, M 3
102A Advanced Grammar and Composition Dimitriou, A L 3
102B Advanced Grammar and Composition Barili, A


102B.2 Advanced Grammar and Composition Dimitriou, A 3
104A Survey of Spanish American Literature Kirkpatrick, A 3
107B Survey of Spanish Literature Altisent, M 3
111A Cervantes Navarrete, I 3
112 Studies in Spanish Culture

Iarocci, M

113 Topics in Latin American Culture Barili, A 3
135.1 Gender and Childhood Bergmann, E 3
135.2 Writing, Gender, Subalternity Rabasa, J 3
135.3 Erotic Literature of the Middle Ages Rodriguez, J 3
135.4 El libro de buen amor Rodriguez, J 3
135.5 Que es una vanguardia? Rabasa, J 3
161 Spanish Phonetics and Phonology Sempere-Martinez 3
162 The Structure of Spanish Sempere-Martinez 3
201 Literary Linguistics Azevedo, M M 3
209 Analysis of Documents of the Hispanic Southwest Craddock, J 3
240 Techniques of Literary Scholarship Faulhaber, C 3
276A 19th Century Latin American Novel Kilpatrick, M 3
280.1 Sora Juana Ines, de la Cruz Bergmann, E 3
280.2 The Invention of Cuba Ramos, J 3
280.3 Literatura/Etnografia (America Latina) Slater, C 3
285 Getting Real: Reading Clarin Iarocci, M 3
11 Elementary Portuguese Staff 5
101A Portuguese for Advanced Students Donovan, C 3
101B Portuguese for Advanced Students: Workshop Donovan, C 2
102 Readings in Portuguese Donovan, C 3
103 Advanced Grammar and Composition Donovan, C 3
104 Introduction to Brazilian Literature Passos, J 3
107B Survey of Portuguese Literature Staff 3
135 Studies in Luzo-Brazilian Literature Passos, J 2-3
275.1 Literature/Ethnography: Latin America Slater, C 3
275.2 Topics in Portuguese Literature Staff 3
Social Welfare
105 Current Topics in Social Welfare Organista, K 2
275 Diversity-Sensitive and Competent Social Work Organista, K 2


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