Spring 2004 Courses
by Affiliated Faculty
Course Number   Course Title                      Instructor  Units

African American Studies

112B Political and Economic Development in the Third World Hintzen, P  4
131     Caribbean Societies and Cultures Laguerre, M 3
155      Literature of the Caribbean: Significant Themes Clark, V 4
201A Interdisciplinary Research Methods Hintzen, P 4
3 Introduction to Social and Cultural Anthropology Scheper-Hughes, N 4
139 Controlling Processes Nader, L 4
179 Ethnography of the Maya Hanks, W 4
179 Proseminar in the History of Agriculture Tobriner, S 1-4

Environmental Economics and Policy

C180 Ecological Economics in Historical Perspective Norgaard, R 3
Environmental Science, Policy & Management
165 International Rural Development Policy Carr, C 4
Ethnic Studies
101B Humanities Methods in Ethnic Studies Alarcon, N 4
250 Research Seminar: "Latina/os, Racialization and Visual Culture" Pérez, L 4
Ethnic Studies-Chicano Studies
40 Introduction to Chicano Literature in English Pérez, L 4
133 Chicano Music Arteaga, A 4
150B History of the Southwest: Mexican-United States War to Present Saragoza, A 4
159 Mexican Immigration Grosfoguel, R 4
180 Topics in Chicano Studies: "Contemporary Latino Issues" Montejano, D 4
180 Topics in Chicano Studies: "Community-based Research" Saragoza, A 4
250 Ethnic Studies Graduate Group Seminar Manz, B 4
156 Political Economy and Historical Geography of Latin American Development Bobrow-Strain, C 4
8B Latin America Healey, M A 4
140B Modern Mexico Chowning, M 4
280E Latin America Healey, M A 4
285E Latin America Taylor, W` 4
International and Area Studies
102 Scope and Methods of Research in International and Area Studies Collier, D 4
172 Agroecology: A Brazilian Perspective Altieri, M 4-8
International and Area Studies-Political Economy of Industrial Societies
100 Classical Theories of Political Economy Karras, A L 4
24 Freshman Seminar Chavez, L 1
234 International Reporting Chavez, L 4
Latin American Studies*
298.1 Urban Planning: Innovations from Brazil Wilheim, J 1
298.2 Argentina and Chile: Democracy and Innovation Arrate, J 1
298.3 Mexico: What Lies Ahead? Aguayo, S 1
*To obtain a class entry code for these courses, please submit a brief narrative describing your interest and experience in the subject matter. Please email this statement to Jean Spencer at jean_s@uclink.berkeley.edu no later than December 1.
150 Sociolinguistics Hinton, L 3
Peace and Conflict Studies
100 Peace Theory: Approaches and Analyses Sanders, J W 3
125AC War, Culture and Society Sanders, J W 4
151 International Conflict: Analysis and Resolution Sanders, J W 3
Political Science
3 Introduction to Empirical Analysis and Quantitative Methods Collier, D 4
11 Elementary Portuguese Staff 5
101A Portuguese for Advanced Students Staff 3
101B Portuguese for Advanced Students: Workshop Staff 2
102 Readings in Portuguese Donovan, C 3
104 Introduction to Brazilian Literature Passos, J L 3
135 Studies in Luso-Brazilian Literature Pestana, A 2-3
135 Studies in Luso-Brazilian Literature: "Latin-American Popular Poetry" Slater, C 2-3
135 Studies in Luso-Brazilian Literature: "The Portuguese Novel" Pestana, A 2-3
275 Critical and Stylistic Studies of a Single Author or Period - "Margins of Modernity" Passos, J L 4
275 Critical and Stylistic Studies of a Single Author or Period Slater, C 4
School of Social Welfare
275 Diversity-Sensitive and Competent Social Work Organista, K 2
280H Development and Modernization Evans, P 3
1 Elementary Spanish Staff 5
2 Elementary Spanish Staff 5
3 Intermediate Spanish Staff 5
4 Intermediate Spanish Staff 5
8 Spoken Spanish Staff 3
21 Spanish for Bilingual Students, First Course Staff 3
22 Spanish for Bilingual Students, Second Course Staff 3
25 Reading and Analysis of Literary Texts Staff 3
100 Introduction to Spanish Linguistics González-Flores, F 3
102A Advanced Grammar and Composition Staff 3
102B Advanced Grammar and Composition Staff 3
104B Survey of Spanish American Literature Tarica, E 3
107B Survey of Spanish Literature Mencos, M I 3
111A Cervantes Rodríguez-Velasco, J 3
112 Studies in Spanish Culture Iarocci, M 3
113 Topics in Latin American Culture Barili, A 3
114 The Contemporary Spanish American Novel Brizuela, N 3
116 Colonial/Postcolonial Studies Rabasa, J 3
131 The Spanish American Short Story Ramos, J 3
Spanish 135: Studies in Hispanic Literature
135.1 Nahuatl Poetry and Painting Rabasa, J 3
135.2 Globalization and the New Civil Society Barili, A 3
135.3 Poema de Mio Cid Rodríguez-Velasco, J 3
135.4 Topic in Latin American Literature: TBA Ramos, J 3
135.5 Latin American Popular Poetry Slater, C 3
135AC American Cultures Special Topics: "The Real World: Testimonio and Realismo Magico in U.S. Literature" Lifshey, A 3
148 Family Stories "Taller de creacin literaria" Masiello, F 1
166 Language and Style Azevedo, M 3
201 Literary Linguistics Azevedo, M 4
220 Introduction to Medieval Hispanic Literature Faulhaber, C B 4
227B The Spanish Novel Since 1850 Iarocci, M 4
242 Literary Theory and Criticism Dougherty, D 4
276B The Spanish American Novel Tarica, E 4
280.1 Seminar in Spanish American Literature: "Literatura y fotografia" Brizuela, N 4


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