Summer 2004 Courses
by Affiliated Faculty
Course Number   Course Title                      Instructor  Units
N133-3 Field Course in Archaeological Methods: "Formative Period Archaeology in Honduras" Joyce, R. 6
Chicano Studies
133 Chicano Music Nexica, I 4
141 Chicana Feminist Writers and Discourse Grijalva, C 4
159 Mexican Immigration Manz, B 4
161 Central American Peoples and Cultures Manz, B 4
City and Regional Planning
N115 Urbanization in Developing Countries Staff 3
Ethnic Studies
21AC A Comparative Survey of Racial and Ethnic Groups in the U.S. Saragoza, A 4
101B Humanities Methods in Ethnic Studies Maldonado-Torres, N 4
150AC People of Mixed Racial Descent Cespedes, K 4
138 Political Ecology of the Third World Davis, K 4
141A Social History of Latin America Karras, A 4
International and Area Studies
45 Survey of World History Karras, A 4
102 Scope and Methods of Research in International and Area Studies Karras, A 4
Latin American Studies
150 Advanced Studies in Latin American Studies: Cruising the Caribbean, 1492-1970 Karras, A 4
Political Science
120A International Relations Gonzales, V 4
1 Elementary Spanish Various 5
2 Elementary Spanish Triplette, S 5
4 Intermediate Spanish Gonzalez, M 5
15 Elementary Spanish Workshop Herrera-Gutierrez 10
20 Intermediate Spanish Workshop Hudson, E 10
25 Reading and Analysis of Literary Texts Altamirano, N 3
102A Advanced Grammar and Composition Dimitriou, A 3
122 Spanish Culture and Civilization Rodriguez-Velasco 4
135 El humor en la literatura hispanoamericana Galleno 3
N135 Studies in Hispanic Literature Donovan, C 4


Courses taught by affiliated faculty

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