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Latin American Studies Master's Program

Latin American Studies Undergraduate Major

Center course for Fall 2011

Horacio Salinas, "La Nueva Canción and Popular Movements in Latin America"
(in Spanish)

Spring 2011 Course

Sergio Aguayo Quezada,
"Rescuing Mexican Democracy: The Role of Civil Society"

Spring 2010 Course

Cuauhtémoc Cárdenas,
The Promise and Legacy of the Mexican Revolution

Fall 2009 Course

Harley Shaiken and Beatriz Manz,
The Southern Border

Spring 2009 Course

Alma Guillermoprieto,
Reflections on Latin America: Central America, Colombia & Venezuela

Fall 2008 Courses

Harley Shaiken and Beatriz Manz,
The Southern Border

Latin America’s Development and Labor Markets
Kirsten Sehnbruch

Fall 2007

CLAS-sponsored Courses

Courses by Affiliated Faculty, Fall 2007

Spring 2007

CLAS-Sponsored Course

Fall 2006

CLAS-sponsored Courses

Spring 2006


Affiliated Faculty Courses

Center-sponsored Courses, Spring 2005

Sabina Berman, "Mexican Theater Workshop With Sabina Berman"

Courses Taught by Affiliated Faculty, Spring 2005

Fall 2004 Center-sponsored Courses

Courses Taught by Affiliated Faculty, Fall 2004

Latin Americanist Faculty affiliated with CLAS

Spring 2004 Courses

Courses taught by Affiliated Faculty, Spring 2004

Courses with Latin American Content

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International and Area Studies

The International Areas Studies Teaching Program supports the undergraduate and graduate academic degree programs in Latin American Studies. Please contact IAS for applications and degree information.

Academic Information

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