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Panel I U.S. - Mexican Economic Integration

Panel II Polocies for A New Social Agenda

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Panel II: Policies for a New Social Agenda


Introductory Remarks by Harley Shaiken
Conference Moderator;
Chair, Center for Latin American Studies;
Professor, Department of Geography, School of Education

Jorge G. Castaneda, Mexico
Professor of Political Science, UNAM and NYU

Sherrod Brown, U.S.
Member of Congress, Ohio (D)

Ciro Ferreira Gomes, Brazil
Former Governor of Ceara; Former Minister of Finance;
Candidate for President in 1998

Luis Maira Aguirre, Chile
Ambassador to Mexico

Roberto Mangabeira Unger, Brazil
Professor of Law, Harvard University

Jaime Estevez, Chile
Economist, Former Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies

Nancy Pelosi, U.S.
Member of Congress, California (D)

Faculty Questioners:

Peter Evans
Professor and Chair, Department of Sociology

Ruth Berins Collier
Professor, Department of Political Science

Manuel Castells
Professor, Department of Sociology, Department of Urban and Regional Planning