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Video & Audio Highlights
Following are several video clips from a speech delivered by David E. Bonior, Democratic Whip, Second Ranking Democrat in the US House of Representatives, at the Alternatives for the Americas conference.

Clip 1:
Trade relationships must consider worker wages, labor rights, the environment and democratic principles. (3.6Mb)

Clip 2:
Globalization and the rights of workers. (2.5Mb)

Clip 3:
Establishing democratic values in an environment of free trade throughout the Americas. (2.6Mb)

Clip 4:
The global trade economy, free markets, and the interests of the broad majority. (2.9Mb)

Videotapes and audiotapes of the entire conference will be available for ordering. For more information, please send us an email at clas@uclink4.berkeley.edu. The approximate running time is five hours.