Dr. Huberto Juarez
"Labor Regulations and Development of the Modular Production of the Auto Industry in Mexico :
The Cases of VW and GM"

November 21, 2002

Doctor Huberto Juarez speaks in the Conference Room of the Center for Latin American Studies on Thursday, November 21.

Jessica Rich, Department of Political Science

In the November 21, 2002 discussion at CLAS, Dr. Huberto Juárez Nuñez covered themes of globalization, the fight for more stringent labor regulations, and “the China threat.” Using the cases of Puebla, Mexico’s Volkswagen and General Motors plants as illustration, Dr. Juárez detailed the history of Mexico’s export industry, the economic effects of NAFTA on Mexican laborers, and the threat of globalization to collective bargaining. He painted a fairly bleak picture for the future of Mexican labor standards if major obstacles are not set in place to stop the current industry trend toward migrating to country with lower standards and lower wages.



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