Paz Gutierrez
“Resourcing: The New Architecture”
November 8, 2010

Paz Gutierrez speaks at her talk in Berkeley, November 2010
Paz Gutierrez at her CLAS talk in Berkeley, November 2010.

Article on the event from the Berkeley Review of Latin American Studies

Global interdependence, recurring financial crises and pressing environmental concerns demand that we as architects rethink our position toward resources. Sustainable architecture requires that complex solutions be built upon resource inventiveness. Accelerating the pace of innovation is especially important in regions experiencing extreme economic and environmental pressures. These challenges will be discussed through the work of BIOMS, a research initiative founded by Prof. Gutierrez that promotes innovation in sustainable building technologies for developing regions by fostering collaboration between architecture and sciences such as bioengineering.

Paz Gutierrez is a Chilean-born architect and researcher. An assistant professor of Design and Building Technology in UC Berkeley’s Department of Architecture, she is also the founder of the BIOMS research group.

Paz Gutierrez at her CLAS talk in Berkeley, November 2010.


Paz Gutierrez
Professor Gutierrez spoke on sustainable architecture.
Paz Gutierrez and audience member, November 2010
Professor Gutierrez speaks with an audience member after her talk.


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