Fernando Botero and Robert Hass
"A Conversation with the Artist"

January 29, 2007

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A Conversation with the Artist
Fernando Botero with Robert Hass, Professor of English and former Poet Laureate of the United States, as they discuss "Abu Ghraib" on Monday, January 29. (photo: Jan Sturmann)

Webcast of the event-->

The line for admission to the conversation stretches away from the entrance. (photo: David Léon Lara)
Professor Hass listens to Mr. Botero explain the process he went through in creating "Abu Ghraib."
(photo: Jan Sturmann)
Mr. Botero, Professor Hass and Professor Harley Shaiken, Chair of the Center for Latin American Studies, at "A Conversation with the Artist."
An overflow audience packs the room to hear Mr. Botero and Professor Hass. (photo: Jan Sturmann)
Mr. Botero signs for the audience after the conversation. (photo: Jan Sturmann)



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