Art Opening
Fernando Botero
"Abu Ghraib"

January 29, 2007

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Opening of the
Art Exhibit
The opening of the exhibit drew a throng of enthusiastic visitors. (photo: David Léon Lara)

Among the visitors on opening night (from left): George Breslauer, Vice Chancellor and Provost of UC Berkeley; Robert J. Birgeneau, Chancellor of UC Berkeley, and Harley Shaiken, Chair of the Center for Latin American Studies, talking with Mr. Botero in the exhibit.
Mr. Botero talks with CLAS Senior Scholar Maria Echaveste and Christopher Edley, the Dean of Boalt Hall School of Law, which helped make the exhibit possible. (photo: Jan Sturmann)
Mr. Botero talks with author Isabel Allende during a reception for the exhibit,
as Professor Beatriz Manz looks on. (photo: Jan Sturmann)

Fernando Botero stands in front of the north entrance to Doe Library, which houses the exhibit, before opening "Abu Ghraib" to the public. (photo: Jan Sturmann)

Patrons line up outside of the exhibit on opening night, some hopping on benches to peek through the windows. (photo: Jan Sturmann)



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