Stanford R. Ovshinsky
"Alternative Energy and the Americas"

April 8, 2008

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Alternative energy and physics pioneer Stanford R. Ovshinsky (right) visits the Berkeley campus, along with (from left): Rosa Ovshinsky; Harley Shaiken, Chair of the Center for Latin American Studies; and Sara Lamson, Vice Chair of CLAS.
Mr. Ovshinsky, holding a piece of the thin film photovoltaic technology that he and his colleagues developed, at his talk on April 8.
An overflow audience filled the Morrison Library to listen to Ovshinsky describe the hydrogen cycle that he hopes will be the future of energy in the Americas.
Mr. Ovshinsky, with (from left): Harley Shaiken, Class of 1930 Professor and Chair of the Center for Latin American Studies; Arthur Bienenstock, president of the American Physical Society and Vice Provost and Dean of Research and Graduate Policy, Stanford University; and Rosa Ovshinsky.
Mr. Ovshinsky at a luncheon with (from left): Saul Perlmutter, Professor of Physics at UC Berkeley and Nobel Laureate in Physics 2011; Rosa Ovshinsky; and Harley Shaiken.
From left: Catha Worthman, CLAS alumni and attorney, Lewis & Feinberg; Costas J. Spanos, Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences and Associate Dean for Research for the College of Engineering, Berkeley; Thomas Laqueur, Professor of History at Berkeley.
Berkeley professors Ruth Collier (Political Science) and Beatriz Manz (Geography and Ethnic Studies), along with CLAS Vice Chair Sara Lamson, at the luncheon.
Mr. Ovshinsky jotting down some notes before his talk.


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