Paul Steinberg
Surviving the Storm: Environmental Policy Reform in Unstable Political Systems

April 12, 2010
Paul Steinberg
Paul Steinberg discusses the difficulties in designing sustainable environmental policies and institutions in political systems with substantial instability.

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Environmental sustainability requires long-term political commitments to the protection of environmental resources. Yet most of the world’s countries, particularly in the developing world and post-communist states, are subject to chronic political and economic upheaval, making any effort at institution-building a daunting task. We will consider this practical challenge from the analytic vantage point of theories of policy change and mechanisms of institutional reproduction. The results carry important implications for environmental policy and for comparative politics research on institutional stability and change.

Paul Steinberg is an associate professor of Political Science and Environmental Policy at Harvey Mudd College and a visiting scholar at UC Berkeley’s Department of Environmental Science, Policy and Management. His books include Environmental Leadership in Developing Countries (MIT Press, 2001) and Comparative Environmental Politics (MIT Press, forthcoming 2010). See

Paul Steinberg

Paul Steinberg argued for the importance of institutional ties both with countries and internationally to help stabilize environmental protections when governments are unstable.

Paul Steinberg with student

Paul Steinberg talks with an interested student after his presentation.



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