Tinker Summer Research Symposium

Tuesday and Wednesday, April 2-3, 2013


Tuesday, April 2

3:00 pm Introduction
3:10 pm

Tracy Misiewicz, “Ecological Divergence in a Tropical Tree: Protium suberratum”

3:25 pm

Jessica Stair, “Marian Imagery and Its Transformations”

3:40 pm Ashton Wesner, “Transforming National Identity: Race, Nature, and Desertification in Argentina”

Wednesday, April 3

3:00 pm Introduction
3:10 pm

Soledad Martinez, “Income, Health Insurance Type, and the Quality of Primary Care Systems in Chile”

3:25 pm Megan Peppel, “Mortgage-Finance Practices and the Reshaping of Socioeconomic Inequality in Argentina”
3:40 pm Eugenia Giraudy, “Expanding Electoral Coalitions: Conservative Parties in Argentina and Mexico”
4:00 pm Sebastião Edson Macedo, “Tracking the Silence of the Backlands — The Canudos Massacre”
4:15 pm Nick Orozco, “Dietary Practices In the Face of Globalization: Preserving Culture in Ecuadorean Indigenous Communities”
4:30 pm Flavio Silva de la Mora, “Political and Economic Integration in the Northwestern Maya Lowlands (600-900 C.E.)”


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