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Fernando Botero in Conversation with Berkeley professor and poet Robert Hass
January 29, 2007

"Art and Violence"
Panel discussion with Berkeley professors T.J. Clark, Francine Masiello and Thomas Laqueur

Torture, Human Rights and Terrorism
Panel discussion with Aryeh Neier, José Zalaquett, Jenny Martinez and Philip Zimbardo

Fernando Botero in conversation with Berkeley Art Museum director
Lawrence Rinder, September 23, 2009

Juan Carlos Botero, "The Art of Fernando Botero"
September 26, 2011


Audio podcasts

Gallery talk by Berkeley professor Peter Selz on the Abu Ghraib series
October 4, 2009

¡Presente! Next-Generation Latin American Art and Literature
Daniel Alarcón and Carlos Motta

October 10, 2009




From the Berkeley Review of Latin American Studies, Spring 2009

From the Berkeley Review of Latin American Studies, Fall 2007

  • The Art of Fernando Botero
    UC Berkeley Professor Emeritus and founding director of the Berkeley Art Museum Peter Selz discusses Fernando Botero's artistic trajectory.
    Download this article (193 KB .pdf)

From the Berkeley Review of Latin American Studies, Spring 2007

  • A Conversation with the Artist
    Fernando Botero in conversation with UC Berkeley Professor and former Poet Laureate Robert Hass.
    Download this article (613 KB .pdf)

  • Fernando Botero: Abu Ghraib
    Selections from the paintings and drawings in the exhibit.
    Download this article (732 KB .pdf)

  • Art and Violence
    Three UC Berkeley professors, Francine Masiello, Tom Laqueur and T.J. Clark, place Fernando Botero’s “Abu Ghraib” series in historical and artistic context.
    Download this article (415 KB .pdf)

  • Torture in a Time of Terrorism
    Representatives from the fields of human rights, law, art and psychology discuss the role of torture from the Middle Ages to the present.
    Download this article (755 KB .pdf)

  • Figures in Light and Shadow
    Colombian journalist Daniel Coronell interviews Fernando Botero.
    Download this article (477 KB .pdf)

  • Bringing Botero to Berkeley
    Jean Spencer reveals the inside story of how this remarkable exhibition and series of events came about.
    Download this article (122 KB .pdf)

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