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CLAS Summer Institute for Teachers

"The Making of Modern Cuba"

August 2-4, 2004

Cuba has long fascinated the United States. From the days of Jefferson to the present, the island just off our coast has been a place of American dreams and nightmares: of profit, of glory, of the exotic, of revolution. But what is Cuba? How have internal and external forces forged the Cuban nation, a tiny country of 11 million people that, in spite of its small size, managed to play a dramatic role in the history of the 20th century?

At the 2004 CLAS Summer Institute, teachers from around the Bay Area met with professors and scholars to learn more about Cuba: its history, its place in the world and the situation on the ground today. This Web site was created to provide the resources of the workshop to a wider audience and to expand on some of the topics we discussed.

One of the highlights of the workshop was Prof. Alex Saragoza’s presentation on Cuba from the 1959 to the present. To view the expanded version of his chronicle of recent Cuban history and music <click here.>cubaChron08-16.doc

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–American War

Pre-Revolutionary Cuba (1903-1953)

The Cuban Revolution

Cuba and the Cold War

Contemporary Cuba

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