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2003 Summer Institute for Teachers

Ten Years After NAFTA:
How Has Globalization Affected Mexico?

Primary Source Documents

The Foreign Trade Information System (SICE from its Spanish acronym Sistema de Información al Comercio Exterior) is a web site created by the Trade Unit of the Organization of American States. It contains many trade documents that affect the Western Hemisphere including the full text NAFTA including the side agreements.

This link goes to the final factual record created by the North American Commission for Environmental Cooperation (NACEC) in the Metales y Derivados case.

History Central provides a transcript of remarks by President Clinton,
President Bush, President Carter, President Ford and Vice President Gore
at the signing of the NAFTA side agreements.


Research Questions

What is globalization?

Why did the U.S., Mexico and Canada sign NAFTA?

Why were the labor and environment side agreements added?

Does the labor side agreement protect workers?

Does the environmental side agreement protect the environment?

What is Chapter 11?

How has globalization affected growth in Mexico?

Who benefits from NAFTA?

What is sustainable development?

Should NAFTA be expanded?

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