Santa Anna

CLAS Summer Institute for Teachers
"Remembering the Mexican-American War"
Tuesday, June 28, 2011

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Brian DeLay is Associate Professor in Berkeley’s History Department. He is the author of War of a Thousand Deserts: Indian Raids and the U.S.-Mexican War and the winner of several prizes, among them the Latin American Studies Association’s 2010 Bryce Wood Award for the outstanding book on Latin America in the social sciences and humanities published in English.

Barbara Loomis is Chair of the History Department at San Francisco State University.
Her research interests focus on nineteenth-century social history and antebellum reform. From 2000 through 2005, she served as co-editor of the Journal of the History of Sexuality. She received her Ph.D. from UC Berkeley in 1988.

Theresa Salazar is Curator of The Bancroft Collection, Western Americana and oversees the Latin Americana Collection. The Bancroft Collection contains one of the premier collections on California, The American West and Mexico and Central America, including outstanding material documenting the experiences of the Mexican–American War.

Alex Saragoza is Associate Professor of History in the Department of Ethnic Studies at UC Berkeley. He formerly served as the Chair of the Center for Latin American Studies and was subsequently Director of the UC Study Center in Mexico.














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