Berkeley Review of Latin American Studies
Fall 2008


CLAS Chair Harley Shaiken introduces this issue of the Review.

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Solar roof in Zaragoza, Spain
Rolling out the world's largest solar roof in Zaragoza, Spain. (Photo: © GM Corp.)

Jumpstarting the Americas

Chair Harley Shaiken describes the “Alternative Energy and the Americas” conference, held by CLAS in Detroit this past September, and its importance at this time of rapid economic and technological change.

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Bachelet receives Berkeley Medal
President Michelle Bachelet of Chile receives the Berkeley Medal.
(photo: Peg Skorpinski)

Bachelet Energizes Berkeley

Graduate student Taylor Boas reports on Chilean President Michelle Bachelet’s June visit to Berkeley.

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Costa Rican plant
Costa Rican flora.
(photo: Matthijs Rouw)

The Carbon Neutrality Challenge

Roberto Dobles, the Costa Rican Minister of Environment, Energy and Telecommunications, describes his country’s efforts to become carbon neutral by 2021.

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Autonomy Protest in Guayas, Ecuador
Pro-autonomy marchers demonstrate in Guayaquil, January 2008..
(photo: Charlie Perez)

Power to the Left, Autonomy for the Right?

Professor Kent Eaton compares the autonomy movements of Santa Cruz, Bolivia, and Guayas, Ecuador.

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Frida Kahlo painting in Detroit
Frida Kahlo painting during her stay in Detroit.
(photo: © 1932 The Detroit Institute of Arts.)

The Hybrid Sources of Frida Kahlo

John Zarobell, the Coordinating Curator for the Frida Kahlo exhibit held recently at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, analyzes the Mexican painter’s influences.

Includes a selection of Kahlo's work from the recent exhibition.

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Forum for Transparent Oaxaca poster
The “Forum for a Transparent Oaxaca” focused on
improving public access to government information in Oaxaca. (Photo: Alicia Huerta Cortez).

Mexico’s Right-to-Know Reforms

Professor Jonathan Fox tests the effectiveness of Mexico’s federal transparency reforms.

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Election 2008: Commentaries
Obama campaigns in the rain
Barack Obama campaigning in 2008.
(photo from Associated Press)

Monroe No More?

Argentine journalist Roberto Guareschi outlines the challenges facing the Obama administration in Latin America.

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Southern Exposure

Colombian journalist Daniel Coronell takes a deeper look at the controversies surrounding the Colombia Free Trade Agreement, the one South American issue mentioned during the U.S. presidential debates.

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Toyopet in front of Japanese parliament, 1956
The Japanese parliament building looms protectively over the Toyopet and its future, 1956.
(photo by Asa-moya)

Develop as We Say, Not as We Did

Professor Peter Evans interviews Ha-Joon Chang, the author of Bad Samaritans: The Myth of Free Trade and the Secret History of Capitalism.

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Tractors form a piquete in Argentina, March 2008
Tractors line Route 14 in Gualeguaychú, Argentina, during a piquete.
(Photo: Neal Richardson)

Farmers at the Barricades

Graduate student Neal Richardson takes a close look at the recent struggle by Argentina’s rural sector to overturn export tax hikes imposed by the Fernández de Kirchner administration.

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Ruth Cardoso
Ruth Cardoso.
(photo: Photo by Getúlio Gurgel / Acervo Pr. F.H.Cardoso.)

Remembering Ruth Cardoso

Professor Teresa Caldeira pays homage to her friend and mentor, the anthropologist and former first lady of Brazil, Ruth Cardoso.

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Samambaia House
The house Elizabeth Bishop shared with Lota de Macedo Soares on the Fazenda Samambaia.
(Photo by Katrina Dodson.)

Hideaway/Song for the Rainy Season

Graduate student Katrina Dodson provides background to a poem by Elizabeth Bishop, the Pulitzer Prize winning poet who spent a substantial portion of her life in Brazil.

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