Berkeley Review of Latin American Studies
Fall 2010


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CLAS Chair Harley Shaiken introduces this issue of the Review.

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Green ThyssenKrupp facility
A ThyssenKrupp facility in Germany covered in thin-film solar material.
(Photo by Stan Ovshinsky.)

Green Ideas From Europe

Journalist Robert Collier outlines the ideas presented by European parliamentarian and environmentalist Daniel Cohn-Bendit during his CLAS visit.

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Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner in China
Chinese President Hu Jintao receives Argentine President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner in Beijing to sign trade deals.
(photo courtesy of
China Discovers Latin America

Kevin P. Gallagher analyzes Latin America’s response to Chinese investment in the region.


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Apache Scout
An Apache scout surveys the countryside.
(Photo by Edward S. Curtis.)

Forgotten Foes

Historian Brian DeLay unearths the forgotten role played by Native Americans in the U.S.–Mexican War.

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Church interior, Guanajuato
San Francisco Church, Guanajuato, Mexico.
(Photo by Russ Bowling.)

Gender, Politics and the Church

Margaret Chowning explores how Mexican women created positions of authority for themselves within the Catholic Church during the tumultuous post-Independence years.

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Reading El Machete by Tina Modotti
Campesinos reading El Machete.
(Photo by Tina Modotti.
Courtesy of Throckmorton Fine Art.)

Radicals, Revolutionaries and Exiles: Mexico City in the 1920s

Barry Carr delves into the ferment of post-Revolutionary life in Mexico City.

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Chinampas on Lake Xochimilco
A man poles a boat filled with flowers through Lake Xochimilco, where traditional chinampa or lake bed agriculture is still practiced.
(Photo by Francisco Martínez.)

City of Lakes: Searching for Pantitlan

Ivonne del Valle analyzes the colonizers’ ongoing struggle to manage lake water in the Valley of Mexico.

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Suelem in the dump at night
The catadores work through the night at the dump.
(Film still courtesy of Almega Projects
and O2 Filmes.)

Rubbish People

Anthropologist Nancy Scheper-Hughes reviews “Waste Land,” the Oscar-nominated documentary about art and Brazilian trash pickers.

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Brazil informal electrical hookups
Residents of this Brazilian neighborhood illegally tap power lines to access free electricity.
(Photo by Jonathan Talbot /
World Resources Council.)

Sustainable Architecture

Sandy Brown reports on Paz Gutierrez’s work on the cutting edge of sustainable architecture.

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Mexican geothermal plant
Geothermal energy is tapped for power in several sites near Los Azufres, Michoacán.
(Photo by Shane Runquist.)

Latin America’s Cleantech Future

Christian Casillas reports on a panel discussion on the climate for cleantech investment in Latin America.


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Tattered vulture in Guatemala City
A vulture lands in
Guatemala City's Cementerio General.
(Photo by Anthony Fontes.)

Death Dealing in Guatemala City

Anthony Fontes journeys into the heart of Guatemala City’s gang culture.

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Gay rights march in San Salvador - AP
Marchers take shelter under rainbow umbrellas during a gay pride parade in San Salvador.
(Photo by Luis Romero/Associated Press.)

Outflanking Discrimination

Legal researcher Allison Davenport describes the work of Salvadoran gay-rights activist William Hernández.


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Andres Escobar rises for a header
Andrés Escobar rises for a header as part of the Colombian national team.
(Photo courtesy of All Rise Films.)

The Rise and Fall of Narco-Soccer

Sarah Krupp reports on the CLAS screening of “The Two Escobars.”

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Archbishop Romero statue at Westminster
Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr. and Archbishop Romero are among those depicted in Westminster Abbey's memorial to 20th-century martyrs.
(Photo by Andrea Schaffer.)

Remembering Romero

Anthony Fontes writes about the documentary “Monseñor” and the man who inspired it, Salvadoran Archbishop Oscar Romero.


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Fernando Botero's Country Wedding

Fernando Botero's
"Country Wedding"

Art historian Peter Selz describes the painting “Country Wedding,” one of Fernando Botero’s recent works.

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Left: "Country Wedding," 2009,
oil on canvas, 180 x 142 cm.
Image courtesy of Fernando Botero.

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