Berkeley Review of Latin American Studies Fall 2011 cover
A gondola arrives at the top of Pão de Açúcar,
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
(Photo by Cadu Tavares.)

Berkeley Review of
Latin American Studies
Fall-Winter 2011-12

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CLAS Chair Harley Shaiken introduces this issue of the Review.

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Altar honoring 72 slain migrants
Women light candles at an altar
for the 72 murdered migrants.
(Photo by Lenin Nolly Araujo.)

72 Migrantes
Award-winning journalist Alma Guillermoprieto describes the process of creating a website to memorialize the 72 migrants who were murdered in Tamaulipas in 2010.

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Hispanic flag girls in NYC parad
Hispanic Day Parade, Fifth Avenue, New York, 2010.
(Photo by Asterio Tecson.)

Hispanic Panethnicity
Professor Cristina Mora examines the forces that led to the creation of “Hispanic” identity in the United States.

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Election poster in Peru, 2011
Billboard featuring a magazine cover announcing the upcoming face-off between
Ollanta Humala and Keiko Fujimori.
(Photo by Catherine Binet,
The Advocacy Peace Project Fellow, 2011.)

The Center Could Not Hold
What happened to the centrists in Peru’s 2011 election? Professor Steven Levitsky lays out the structural weaknesses that led to a surprising election year.

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North American summit of leaders
Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper, Mexican President Felipe Calderón and
U.S. President Barack Obama at the 2009 North American Leaders Summit.
(Photo courtesy of Gobierno Federal.)

Thinking Continentally
Professor Robert Pastor outlines his vision for a more united and strategic North America.

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Antonio Barros de Castro in the 1980s
Antônio Barros de Castro in the 1980s.
(Photo courtesy of Lavinia Barros de Castro.)

Remembering an Economic Visionary

Professor emeritus Peter Evans remembers Antônio Barros de Castro, highlighting the Brazilian economist’s contributions to our understanding of the world economy.

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Leaders of Chile's student movement in 2011
Leaders of the Chilean student movement:
Camila Vallejo, Giorgio Jackson and Camilo Ballesteros, September 2011.
(Photo by Mario Tellez Cardemil.)

Student Leaders Reinvent the Protest
Chilean student leader Giorgio Jackson outlines the educational inequalities that sparked the mass protests known as “the Chilean winter.”

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Diego Luna at Berkeley, December 2011
Diego Luna on the Berkeley campus, December 2011.
(Photo by Jim Block.)

Holding a Mirror to Mexico

Professor Harley Shaiken reviews the film “Miss Bala” and describes the special advanced screening CLAS hosted in December with the film’s producer Diego Luna.

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Presidents Obama and Calderon in 2009
President-elect Obama greets President Calderón, January 2009. (Photo courtesy of Gobierno Federal.)

Missed Connections
Rafael Fernández de Castro, the former foreign policy advisor to Mexican president Felipe Calderón, describes the dynamics of the U.S.–Mexico diplomatic relationship.

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Murder rates in New York City
Trends in New York City homicides.
(Image by Rooster of Doom.)

Lessons From New York?

Legal scholar Frank Zimring highlights some policing strategies from New York that could be applied to combatting drug-related crime in Mexico.

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Bachelet banner outside La Moneda
A Bachelet banner over the entrance to La Moneda.
(Photo by Daniel Álvarez Valenzuela.)

Michelle Bachelet: A Rendezvous With History

Professor Beatriz Manz follows the arc of Michelle Bachelet’s career.

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Gil Cedillo at Berkeley, 2011
Gil Cedillo on the UC Berkeley campus.
(Photo by Jim Block.)

Reclaiming the Dream

California assembly member Gil Cedillo discusses the trajectory of his ultimately-successful California Dream Act, which made undocumented college students eligible for some forms of financial aid.

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Pamela Yates in Guatemala in 1982
Pamela Yates during the filming of
“When the Mountains Tremble,” 1982.
(Photo by Newton Thomas Sige.)

Sand in the Gears of Impunity

Sarah Weber discusses the film “Granito de Arena: How to Nail a Dictator,” a documentary about those struggling to end impunity in Guatemala.

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Cacao farmer in Colombia

A worker tends cacao seedlings.
(Photo by Sarah Krupp.)

Cultivating a Coca-Free Future

Tinker Summer Research Grant recipient Sarah Krupp shares her findings on the comparative success of coca-eradication programs in Colombia’s Pacific Southwest.

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Horacio Salinas at Berkeley, 2011
Horacio Salinas in concert at Berkeley, November 2011.
(Photo by Jim Block.)


Lyrics from the Inti-Illimani song “Vuelvo” performed by visiting scholar Horacio Salinas at UC Berkeley.

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