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Spring 2008


CLAS Chair Harley Shaiken introduces this issue of the Review.

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Special Section:
The U.S.-Mexico Futures Forum 2008

Torre Mayor and Diana, Avenida de la Reforma, Mexico City.
(photo: Omar Hernández)

The U.S.-Mexico Futures Forum brings together diverse participants from both sides of the border in a series of conferences that seek to illuminate the U.S.-Mexico relationship.

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U.S. Representative Linda Sánchez (left) and Mexican Senator Adriana González Carillo at the Forum in Mexico City.
(photo: Antonio del Valle)

Bridges or Barriers?

Catha Worthman provides an overview of the highlights of the 2008 U.S.–Mexico Futures Forum in Mexico City.

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North America at night.
(photo: courtesy of NASA)

Energy Shock

UC Berkeley professor Daniel Kammen outlines the energy challenges facing North America and the world in the coming decades.

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Solar panel in Tulum, Mexico.
(photo: Bryan J. Busch)

Alternative Energy

Mexico City’s Minister of the Environment, Martha Delgado, argues that the Mexican energy debate should be broadened to include both efficiency and alternatives to petroleum.

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A Pemex station in Ojos Negros, Baja California.
(photo: Lee Panich)

Reforming Pemex

Cuauhtémoc Cárdenas weighs in with his ideas for reforming Pemex.

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The Tijuana-San Diego border.
(photo: Bisayan lady)

Immigration Reform: A Bitter Tide Begins to Ebb

Tamar Jacoby analyzes the current political context for immigration reform in the United States.


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The Mexican consulate in Los Angeles.
(photo: César Octavio López Natarén)

Migrant Voices

Futures Forum co-convener Rafael Fernández de Castro reports on the requests of migrants during Mexican President Felipe Calderón’s multi-city trip to the United States.

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Yolanda Araujo signals her status at a protest.
(photo: Jeffrey Long)

A Mexico in the United States?

Maria Echaveste responds to Prof. Fernández de Castro’s report from a U.S. policy perspective.

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Foreclosure bus tours in San Diego, California.
(photo: Cory Doctorow)

When the U.S. Catches a Cold…

Héctor Rangel Domene, Chairman of the Board of Directors of BBVA Bancomer, provides an analysis of Mexico’s current economic position.

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Police patrol in Tijuana.
(photo from Associated Press)

Violence and Drugs: Divide, Then Conquer?

Professor Frank E. Zimring puts forth an innovative proposal for addressing Mexico’s drug, violence and corruption problems.


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Relatives mourn the slain editor of a Veracruz paper.
(photo from Associated Press)

Life, Death and Journalism on the Border

Ricardo Sandoval brings to life the dangers facing journalists reporting on the U.S.–Mexico border.

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Dean Christopher Edley Jr. at the Forum.
(photo: Antonio del Valle)

Priorities for the Next President

Law School Dean Christopher Edley Jr. outlines the pressing challenges facing the incoming U.S. president.

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Special Section: Stan Ovshinsky
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Solar flares.
(photo: courtesy of NASA)

A Revolution Fueled by the Sun

Ground-breaking scientist Stanford Ovshinsky makes his case for “the hydrogen loop” during his CLAS talk reported on by graduate student Avery Cohn.

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Stan Ovshinsky.
(photo: Matty Nematollahi)

Bienenstock on Ovshinsky

In this excerpt from Arthur Bienenstock’s introduction to Stanford Ovshinsky’s Berkeley talk, the noted scientist and president of the American Physical Society enumerates Ovshinsky’s many contributions to science and technology.

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Stan and Iris Ovshinsky diagram the hydrogen loop.
(photo courtesy of Stanford R. Ovshinsky)

The Einstein of Alternative Energy?

Harley Shaiken provides a personal look at noted scientist Stanford Ovshinsky.

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Orozco paints Quetzalcoatl.
(Photo: Dartmouth College Library)

Violent Visions in a Silent Space

Jacquelynn Baas documents the history of how José Clemente Orozco’s powerful murals came to be painted on the Dartmouth campus.

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"Cortez and the Cross" detail, panel 13 of "The Epic of American Civilization."
(photo: Trustees of Dartmouth College)

‘The Epic of American Civilization’

Selections from “The Epic of American Civilization,” José Clemente Orozco’s mural cycle on the Dartmouth campus.

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Salt collection in Peru.
(photo: Dave Lansley)

Wealth and Poverty in Latin America

Peruvian President Alejandro Toledo (2001–06) discusses the slow progress of Latin American poverty-reduction despite the region’s macroeconomic gains in his CLAS talk reported on by graduate student Maiah Jaskoski.

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A line forms for milk rations in Venezuela.
(photo: Rafael Navarro)

Venezuela’s Prospects for Democracy

Teodoro Petkoff argues that Venezuela “combines the anatomy of a democratic regime with the physiology of an authoritarian one” in his CLAS talk covered by graduate student Taylor Boas.

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Teodoro Petkoff

Intellectuals and Totalitarianism

In this excerpt from the question and answer session following his talk, Teodoro Petkoff discusses the disturbing tendency of intellectuals to support totalitarian regimes.

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An internet bodega in Guatemala.
(photo: Doug Cadmus)

Expectations Collide With Reality

Chilean Ambassador Juan Gabriel Valdés provides an analysis of the trajectory of Latin American democracies in his public talk reported on by graduate student Taylor Boas.

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Rollout of a new Embraer jet.
(photo courtesy of Embraer)

Innovate Locally, Compete Globally

Glauco Arbix argues that top-tier Brazilian firms are now able to compete internationally with medium- and high-technology goods in his CLAS talk covered by graduate student Daniel I. Buch.

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"Vintage" refrigerators loaded onto a truck.
(Photo: Mónica González)

A New ‘Cold War’?

Graduate student and Tinker Summer Research Grant recipient Mónica González describes the day Cubans said goodbye to their 20th century refrigerators.

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Church of La Merced, Antigua, Guatemala.
(photo: Doron Derek Laor)

History Into Fiction

Graduate student and novelist Sylvia Sellers-García recounts the circumstances that inspired her first novel: When the Ground Turns in Its Sleep.


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Oil slick on a tributary of Ecuador's Napo river.
(Photo: 00rini Hartmann)

Excerpt from ‘State of the Planet’

In this excerpt from “State of the Planet” by UC Berkeley professor and Pulitzer-prizewinner Robert Hass, the poet describes an oil-slicked riverscape in Tena , Ecuador .

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