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Spring 2009


CLAS Chair Harley Shaiken introduces this issue of the Review.

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Jabon Jesus Malverde
Soap with the image of Jesus Malverde, the "patron saint" of narcotraffickers.
(photo by David Argen)

The Narcovirus

Alma Guillermoprieto, listed among the top 100 public intellectuals in the world by Foreign Policy magazine, explores the narcocultura spawned by Mexico’s drug wars.

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Mexican army in the Zocalo
Soldiers march across the Zócalo in Mexico City.
(photo: darkulino tuskino)

State of Siege

Mexican professor and columnist Denise Dresser analyzes the links between drug violence, corruption in the Mexican government and demand for narcotics in the U.S.

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Murder scene at Juarez Costco
A murder scene at the Ciudad Juarez Costco.
(photo from Getty Images)

First, Do Less Harm

Graduate student Ben Lessing reflects on Drug Policy Alliance founder Ethan Nadelmann’s take on the drug wars.

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Road vanishes into Atacama Desert
A future hotbed of solar power? The Atacama Desert in northern Chile.
(photo: Carly Lyddiard)

Growing Clean

Professor Harley Shaiken interviews former Chilean President Ricardo Lagos on the role of clean energy in Chile’s future development.

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Lehman Brother Building New York
The Lehman Bros building on the day the company filed for bankruptcy. (Photo: James Chen)

Structural Problems or Cyclical Downturn?

Professor and former Secretary of Labor Robert Reich argues that structural problems underlie the current economic downturn.

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Botero Returns to Berkeley
Botero signing posters at Berkeley
Botero signs autographs following his public talk at Berkeley in 2007. (photo by Jan Sturmann)

Berkeley Bears Witness

Professor Thomas Laqueur reflects on the impact that the donation of Fernando Botero’s Abu Ghraib series of paintings and drawings will have on the UC Berkeley campus.

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Botero's Contortionist

Fernando Botero, "Contortionist,"
103 x 84 cm, 2007, oil on canvas.


This section highlights Fernando Botero’s latest series of paintings, Circus, and is introduced by Professor Beatriz Manz’ interview with the artist.

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Presidents Bachelet and Obama
Presidents Michelle Bachelet of Chile and
Barack Obama.
(photo courtesy of

Latin America Should Bet on Energy

Chile’s President Ricardo Lagos (2000-06) argues that the time is right for Latin America to make the move toward alternative energy in this op-ed piece.

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La Ventosa Windfarm, Oaxaca
La ventosa, Latin America's largest windfarm, in Oaxaca, Mexico.
(Photo: Daniel Bobadilla)

Greener Americas

Professor Harley Shaiken proposes the creation of an “Alliance for Green Prosperity” that would build on President Obama’s ideas to jumpstart growth and green development in the hemisphere.

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Nestor and Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner
Néstor Kirchner transfers the presidential staff to his wife, Cristina Fernández de Kirchner.
(photo courtesy of

His and Hers Politics

Argentine journalist Roberto Guareschi analyzes the state of the Kirchner administration during the run-up to the June 28, 2009, parliamentary elections.

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Peruvian Army guards Techint
Peruvian soldiers guard the Argentine natural gas concession Techint.
(Photo from Associated Press.)

Army for Rent, Terms Negotiable

Professor Maiah Jaskoski of the Naval Postgraduate School investigates the influence of the private sector on the armies of Ecuador and Peru.

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San Francisco Mission District-Tino Soriano
A man stands next to murals in
San Francisco's Mission District.
(photo by Tino Soriano)

Latino Migration and U.S. Foreign Policy

Professor Lisa García Bedolla outlines the history of U.S. foreign policy in Latin America and its influence on migration.

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President Calderon hands out a check
President Calderón of Mexico distributes an Oportunidades check.
(Photo courtesy of

Poverty Programs, Political Opportunities?

Graduate student Emily Curran reports on Professor Beatriz Magaloni’s CLAS talk on the electoral returns to welfare spending in Mexico.

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Runaway Bride - Jubilo Haku
A Mexican bride.
(photo by Alejandro Mejía-Greene)

Not Going to the Chapel: Women in Migrant-Sending Communities

Graduate student Sarah Lynn Lopez discusses Jorge Bravo’s CLAS talk on the impact of the out-migration males on Mexican women.

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Lujan with his signature dish
Carlos Luján Martínex shows off his specialty, Spaghetti a lo Luján.
(Photo by Claudia Alva)

Cafetín El Moshe: Location, Location…

Novelist Daniel Alarcón takes lunch in a high-security Peruvian prison.

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Mamulengo performance by Chico Simoes
Chico Simões performs mamulengo,
accompanied by Jeremias Zunguze.
(photo by Beth Perry)


Brazilian puppeteer Chico Simões describes his passion for the art of mamulengo.

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