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Winter/Spring 2006


Overlapping Societies: Immigration demonstration on the Mall, Washington, May 2006.
(photo: Getty Images)

Overlapping Societies
At the fourth annual meeting of the U.S.–Mexico Futures Forum political actors, academics, business people and social movement leaders from both sides of the border met to discuss the most pressing issues of the day and to define salient themes for tomorrow.
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Millions Outside; 535 Inside

Maria Echaveste explores how the groundwork laid by Washington insiders has been supported by recent pro-immigration demonstrations and vice versa.
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Migrant workers in California.
(photo: Mimi Chakarova)

The Guest Worker Program Is No Simple Solution

Professor Lydia Chávez offers a critique of recent calls for a guest worker program in the U.S.
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Michelle Bachelet taking office as the
first female president of Chile.
(photo: AP)

Bachelet, Sí

Visiting scholar Kirsten Sehnbruch analyzes the rise to power of Chilean President Michelle Bachelet in an election that was both revolutionary and unremarkable.
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Lula with other Latin American presidents, 2006.
(photo: Getty Images)

Brazil’s New Role

Brazilian Ambassador to the United States Roberto Abdenur outlines his view of the state of U.S.–Brazilian relations.
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Pro-autonomy protestors in Santa Cruz.
(photo: AP)

Bolivia’s Conservative Autonomy Movement

While in most Latin American countries government decentralization is seen as a progressive ideal, Professor Kent Eaton explains why local autonomy is being championed by conservative factions in Bolivia.
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Production on the film "Machuca."
(photo: Andrés Wood)

Making Movies in Latin America

Andrés Wood, director of the acclaimed film “Machuca,” discusses the evolution of filmmaking in Chile.
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Police hold a death squad leader inTimbaúba.
(photo: Nancy Scheper-Hughes)

Human Rights, Democracy and Citizenship in Timbaúba

Professor Nancy Scheper-Hughes follows the trajectory of a death squad in Timbaúba, Brazil from 1987 to present.
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Dr. Simi, mascot of Farmacias Similares.
(photo: Getty Images)

Mexico ’s Generics Revolution

Professor Cori Hayden provides an in-depth analysis of the burgeoning generic pharmaceutical empire of Victor González Torres and his Farmacias Similares.
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Inside the Coca Cola plant in Carepa.
(photo: Tovin Lapan)

Killer Cola?

Journalism student Tovin Lapan travels to Colombia to sort out fact from fiction in the controversy over treatment of union members by local Coca-Cola bottling companies.
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Cuauhtémoc Cárdenas with Cal students after his talk. (photo: Dionicia Ramos)

Cárdenas at Cal

Excerpts from a talk given by Cuauhtémoc Cárdenas on “The Future of U.S.–Mexico Relations.”
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The New Colossus/No Soy Criminal

Emma Lazarus’ famous poem is paired with a more recent offering penned by two K’iche’ migrants working as day laborers in San Francisco.
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