2012 CLAS Summer Research Reports

Graffiti and pixação adorn the walls of the Beco de Batman in the Vila Madalena neighborhood of São Paulo, raising questions about the visibility and translatability of contemporary Brazilian "letters."

Darko Davor Cotoras Viedma
Integrative Biology
Colonization of the most isolated island on Earth:
What is the origin of the spider
Tetragnatha paschae

Collecting with entomological net in the shore of Rano Raraku. On this environment it is possible to find the spider Tetragnatha nitens. The vegetation in the background is called “totora” and is traditionally used to build pora (boards) to practice the Haka gnaru (similar to the Bodyboarding).
A religious procession approaching the church during the festival of St. Peter, the patron saint of the village.

Erin Donnelly
Documentation of Choapan Zapotec

John Erickson
Civil and Environmental Engineering
Investigating the Impacts of Intermittent Water Supply

Water utility personnel repair a water main that was damaged during excavation to install a storm sewer canal. Pipe breaks are a common cause for interruptions in water supply. For this repair, the water utility had to turn the water off in the surrounding area, leaving it without water for an hour or so while the repair was made. (Photo by John Erickson.)

Sebastiao Edson Macedo
Spanish and Portuguese
Tracking the Silence of the Backland — In search of a non-Euclidean criticism on the Massacre of Canudos

Ruins of the Catholic Church of the 2nd Canudos. Both the 1st and the 2nd Canudos are underwater today. These ruins appear only when the droughts in the region are very severe, as so it was when I visited the Backlands. (Photo by Sebastian Macedo.)
At a check-in station in a private healthcare center. 

Maria Soledad Martinez-Gutierrez
Health Services and Policy Analysis
Income and health insurance type in Chile: Effects on health and health services utilization

Here I am excavating a 5,000-year-old human skeleton from an archaeological site in the town of Ubaté, Colombia. I had to wear a facemask and gloves so that the samples recovered could be used for DNA analysis. Bioarchaeologists excavate skeletal remains using wooden tools and brushes to avoid damaging bones. (Photo courtesy of Melanie Miller).

Tracy Misiewicz bagging unopened flowers on the tree Protium subserratum prior to conducting hand cross pollinations.

Toothbrushes and toothpaste came with oral health education and a hands-on lesson for each child and family.

Second floor of Herculano Pinheiro Maternity Hospital in Madureira, Rio de Janeiro. Daniel Peixoto Irby standing in front of a poster describing research that pictures Aidan Tait in the bottom left-hand corner, his JMP classmate whose thesis project inspired his questionnaire research on new mothers' attitudes towards and opinions about breast milk donation.

Daniela Peña Corvillon
Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning
A Plan to Reverse the Negative Developments of the Cauto River, Cuba

A woman doing laundry in the contaminated water of Cauto River.

Central Bank of Argentina in Downtown Buenos Aires (Photo by Megan Peppel.)

Erin C. Rodriguez
The Multivocality of Daily Life at the Intersection of Past and Presents

Failed Tomb Construction in Unit 2/2011.

One of the buildings standing at Chinikihá. (Image by F.G. Silva.)

Jessica Stair
History of Art
Marian Imagery and its Transformations

Jessica Stair studies a colonial canvas depicting the flood at the Pinacoteca del Templo de la Profesa in Mexico City.

Researching in the archives of the Cámara de la Industria Textil de Puebla y Tlaxcala. Puebla, Mexico. June 12, 2012.

Victor Villalobos
Public Health
Trying to improve food choice and fight information asymmetry in the Latin-American food market

Columns of soda cans in a mega store in Mexico City.


Ashton Wesner
Environmental Science, Policy and Management
Transforming National Identity: race, nature, and desertification in Argentina


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